What our users and players frequently ask.

Skill based Gaming or Gambling?

What is the difference between gaming and gambling?

The difference between the terms is that for gaming the outcome is achieved by skill and not by chance, whereas for gambling the result is based on chance and luck.

Are the trading tournaments gambling games?

No, not at all. All our games are skill-based. Even though the financial market is often unpredictable, trading can be learned and practiced. Our AI algorithms are also human created and show that it is possible to extract systematically information from the market, which can lead to more successful trading.

Is it skill-based gaming?

Yes, our games rank players based on their trading success, which is usually measured in profit and loss, some games also take trading risk into account.

Is the prize pot a lottery?

No, the prize pot is designed to stimulate competition, and to reward people for skillful trading, for generating data on the platform and for helping to grow the ecosystem.

Is it a Ponzi scheme?

No, a Ponzi scheme uses cash inflow to pay returns to existing members. They collapse as soon as there are no new members joining. Our game prize pot logic is very different.

Is the referral program a Pyramid scheme?

No, our referral system is a multi-level sales system. It is like commission-based sales and is completely success based. In that sense it is not inflating as some pyramid schemes.

What about Fairness?

Are the games fair?

Yes they are. We limit the number of trading activities with our ACT token. Also every player starts with the same amount of virtual trading capital.

Do I have a chance if I can only spend 2 hours a day on the tournament?

Yes you do. We introduced the ACT token to limit excessive trading. Players must decide carefully, how often and when they trade. It is also possible that a simple buy and hold strategy can also outperform a very active trading strategy.

Why did you introduce the ACT tokens to the game?

The limited supply of ACT tokens during tournaments make a game fair. In addition, instead of blindly executing trades after trades the players have to decide when and how often they trade. This adds another strategy component to the game.

Can I sell the ACT tokens back to the platform? Are they worthless outside of the platform?

No, unspent ACT tokens are automatically destroyed after 24 hours if not used. However, some more advanced games allow to acquire more ACT tokens or exchange ACT tokens between players, which creates another strategy component in the game.

What happens if two players have the same score?

If two players are scored the same and share the rank 5 for example, then the rank of the next best player will be 7 instead of 6.

Why does the settlement of the game take some time and is not instantaneously?

Our platform is built on strict security processes. As such, all the game pot wallets are so called cold wallets, off the internet. To transfer the tournament pot funds back to the players according to result of the game, transactions must be generated, validated, signed offline and then sent for execution to a blockchain. This process takes some time.

Why do you give away such a precious real-time AI signals for free during the tournaments?

We believe that retail traders need to be aware of and educated about modern trading technology, including AI, machine learning and real time data analysis. If they decide to trade in real, they will face competition with market participants that use this technology regularly.

I like the real-time AI signals a lot. Can I also get them outside of tournament period?

Currently the signals are only available during tournament periods. In the future players may get a subscription option as well.