To-Do-List on the home pageTO DO LIST

BY Corymbus / ON November 1, 2020

The Corymbus CRM dashboard provides several information panels to help you get a synthetic view of your sales and marketing activity. These include a To-Do List, which displays all activities planned for the current day (or late), and which are not yet completed.

Since the dashboard is customizable, you can decide whether to display this panel or not, and if so, indicate where you want it to appear. Go to the “Navigation Preferences” menu, and by dragging and dropping, set its position:

Then go back to the home page: the “To do today” panel is then visible, and tells you the number and list of tasks to do today. As with all lists in the Corymbus CRM, you can choose which columns to display and change their order in the table. You can also sort the data by clicking the column header you want to use.

And by clicking on the different information, you can edit them, for example to mark a task as completed. It will then disappear from the list. Your goal: to ensure that this list is always empty!