CRM for Small Business & Freelance.
Sales & Marketing.
Simple, Full-featured, Affordable.

Small Business, Freelance, Independent Consultant

Looking for a CRM simple, full-featured, affordable, to manage your sales and your marketing?

Corymbus is for you: the CRM for small business and freelance!


Access all your data in an extremely fluid and fast way. Interactive tutorials guide you through the tool.


Drive your sales via opportunities, contacts, companies, activities. A personal assistant analyzes your work and recommends priority actions. Track your results thanks to the reporting tools.


Keep in touch with your customers and prospects, and measure your communications impact. Connect your website forms and engage with your visitors. Automate interactions thanks to marketing scenarios.

Your marketing & sales cycle integrated from A to Z with only one CRM tool!

Collect your data

All over the time, whenever you meet someone, especially thanks to the business card scanner

By sync’ing your Google contacts with Corymbus

By importing external data such as Excel files

Should data miss, you can fulfill them later on: Corymbus helps you locate incomplete records and access them directly by clicking.

Engage with your contacts

Get in 1:1 touch with your connections and keep track of phone calls, emails, meeting, business lunches, etc.

Thanks to Corymbus extremely fluid navigation, identify contacts you have not been in touch with for too long, find out the details of your latest interaction to re-engage, and build a trustful relationship. Isn’t it one of the major differentiators of small businesses and freelances, compared to larger organizations?

Never forget any more the tiniest opportunity to make business: Corymbus CRM will remind it to you when appropriate, while not being intrusive in your time management, thanks to the dashboard alerts.

Send targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns: distinguish between customers and prospects, decision makers, experts, influencers, etc thanks to powerful segmentation tools. Track in real time their reactions and decide the best next step to touch base with each of them – e.g. phone call, individual email, retargeting marketing campaign sent only to the contacts who did not open your first campaign…

Finally, optimize the time you spend according to the sales likelihood.

Detect sales opportunities

Thanks to regular interactions with your contacts, identify more and more business opportunities.

For instance, contacts who open and click your marketing campaign emails are more likely interested in your products and services. Same applies for reactions to your individual actions – phone calls, emails, meetings.

All this information, available in the Corymbus CRM, lets you detect weak signals revealing a potential deal.

Record this opportunity within Corymbus in order not to forget following it up from time to time, even if it is still unlikely, and to know which sales action you should take when appropriate: chasing, looking for further information, scheduling an appointment, …

This way, you will frequently detect projects more than 1 year ahead. It is thus quite important to have a tool to remind them to you in a timely manner! Reaching out to the prospect regularly (and not too often though!) before D-day is an excellent way to differentiate from competition, and thus get customer’s trust.

Gathering all your opportunities, the Corymbus dashboard reveals whether your business coverage is large enough to reach your financial goals, or if, instead, you should allocate more time to prospect and generate more opportunities.

Qualify sales opportunities

Progressively enrich your Corymbus CRM data with the key information of each opportunity: amount, expected close date, customer compelling events, decision makers who can help you… or not.

Corymbus helps you by detecting missing information. You can also create check-lists suited to your way of working, and make sure that any key point has actually been addressed for each opportunity. For instance, have the competitors been identified already, or not yet? Who owns the budget?

Within a Small Business, this helps capitalize upon any contributor experience, and improve the whole sales team efficiency.

For a Freelance or Independant Consultant, who has to split his time between production and sales, it is quite important to have a tool helping structuring this information, thus spending as less time as possible on sales, while not taking any risk to lose a deal.

From the Corymbus dashboard, you can track the progress of your opportunities by drag-and-drop throughout the various sales stages: their probability of success increase and the reporting automatically updates your consolidated sales pipeline numbers.

Sign deals… and take the next step!

Thanks to the precious work accomplished so far, and to the reporting available in the Corymbus CRM, you have been able to focus your attention and your time, at the right moment, and on the most likely short-term opportunities.

Once the deal is signed, drag-and-drop it to the “Won” sales stage. It will thus be out of your “radar” of ongoing deals, and you can focus to the remaining ones… Not forgetting detect new deals as well!

Sales aren’t they a perpetual restart?

Send your invoice to get paid

Once the deal is won, create the invoice within Corymbus and send it directly to your customer.

By the way, Corymbus also lets you generate quotations, and convert a quotation to an invoice in one click, once it has been signed.

A deal is won? It’s not the end!

The deal is won, however you should not keep away from the customer, even once the service is delivered after selling.

As it is much easier to re-sell to an existing customer, rather than selling to a new prospect, the Corymbus CRM helps you interacting with your existing customers. Here too, keep in touch!

Call them, meet them on a regular basis. Do not forget anyone thanks to Corymbus alerts.

Send them email marketing campaigns to keep them aware of your products and services, so that they think of you the next time, and they have your offering well in mind.

And for sure, do not forget gathering new contacts/companies, and start the sales cycle again in such a way that your sales pipeline, instead of vanishing, never stops growing month after month!

What Customers Say about Corymbus

Manage your Sales and your Customer Relationship


Manage your contacts, link them to companies, synchronize them with your address book.


Track all your business opportunities according to priorities leading to the most effective time management.


Manage your customer or prospect accounts, connect them to business opportunities.


Display your business in a concise way and take actions as recommended by Corymbus.

Custom fields

Craft Corymbus according to your specific needs by adding custom fields to your data.


Create groups of contacts in order to target your communications.

Create email campaigns from your own design or from predefined templates.

Track recipients reactions in real time: email openings, clicks on links or images.

Create filters for your contacts and chase those who opened, clicked… or did not.

Connect forms to your website to acquire new prospects.

Integrations: be even more efficient by connecting the Corymbus CRM to your apps


Connect Corymbus to Gmail to synchronize your contacts or send email campaigns.

Excel Import/Export

Import contacts, companies and more from an Excel file.

Export your Corymbus data to Excel whenever you want, for instance for further specific reporting.


Use the Corymbus REST API to integrate with other applications.


Connect Corymbus to Google or Microsoft 365 calendar and get all your activities in it, together with reminders at the right time.


Integrate Corymbus web forms into your web site. Feed your database with new contacts, and send them white papers or other documents, automatically.

Zapier & Integromat

Connect Corymbus to 3rd party apps thanks to Zapier and Integromat: feed your website leads into Corymbus, trigger invoicing once a deal is won, etc.

Corymbus Versions

Corymbus Freelance
€9per month
  • One single user
  • Free 14-day trial without credit card
  • Annual payment (€108)

CORYMBUS. CRM for Small Business and Freelance.

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