Politique de Confidentialité

Who we are?

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Use of personal data collected

Information about your sales contacts

The information you enter in Corymbus about your sales and marketing contacts is saved in Corymbus so that you can access it at a later date. We invite you to enter only the information that is strictly necessary for your business, in accordance with the GDPR principle of minimization.

Email campaigns

Corymbus allows you to send email campaigns to your contacts. The email address you provide for each contact is used to send them these campaigns. If you enable tracking on a campaign, the email opening, link clicking and unsubscribing information will be saved in Corymbus and accessible by you (as well as other people in your company, for a Corymbus Enterprise subscription, if they have an account for your Corymbus subscription and if they have sufficient access rights).

Google data

Corymbus lets you connect a Google account to benefit from the following features:

  • Synchronize your contacts between Corymbus and Google Contacts. You choose which contacts to synchronize. For each of them, the information synchronized is the surname, first name, main email address, first office phone number and first cell phone number. This data is then read by Corymbus in Google Contacts, and potentially modified if the information entered in Corymbus is more recent. In the event of a conflict (data updated differently in Google Contacts than in Corymbus, since the last synchronization), no changes are made automatically by Corymbus, and the user is invited to decide which are the correct values to use in both systems.
  • Sending e-mails from your Gmail account. If you connect a Google account to Corymbus and don’t set any information to use another SMTP server, the Gmail account corresponding to this Google account will be used for sending campaigns. Corymbus requires access to your Google user information in order to know your email address (and only this information) for display in your Google login settings.
  • Synchronizing Corymbus activities with your Google calendar. The activities you create in Corymbus are saved in your Google calendar (main calendar, if you have more than one). The calendar information that Corymbus can read and write is the event identifier, summary (title), description, start and end dates, and location.

Data storage periods

Your data will be stored indefinitely until your subscription is terminated or expires. Once your subscription has expired, your data will be destroyed at your explicit request, or automatically during database maintenance operations.

Ownership of your data

You are the sole owner of the data you enter into Corymbus.

How we protect your data

Corymbus and the data it processes are hosted by OVH in France on secure servers, applying all necessary precautions to preserve data security and prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

Backups are made daily, so that data can be restored in the event of breakdown or destruction.

Access to servers is via firewalls.

Data transfers are SSL/HTTPS encrypted.

Rights of the individuals concerned

The individuals concerned have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete their personal data, which they may exercise by contacting the following address: