A personal assistant for your business decisionsASSISTANT

BY Corymbus / ON September 5, 2021

What if your CRM helped you manage your priorities?

A new personal assistant integrated into Corymbus guides you, if you wish, in your sales and marketing actions.

By continuously analyzing your actions, the assistant asks you questions about what he thinks is important for your business. They are based on situations experienced in sales and customer management, as well as on the many valuable feedback from Corymbus users.

The wizard also highlights your main performance, i.e. the points on which you are particularly active, compared to the user community.

Benchmarks allow you to identify trends that may be good to follow to be even more effective.

With all this information, the wizard calculates a score to help you evaluate your sales and marketing activity. Even if each user evolves in a field of his own, the elements taken into consideration ignore the specificities (such as turnover, sector of activity, number of sales made per year) in order to be as representative as possible for all users, VSEs or independents.

All calculations are made anonymously, and the data is only taken into account in an aggregated manner, in order to guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Warning: your score is constantly recalculated, and erodes over time. It is therefore important to use Corymbus regularly to preserve or improve it… and of course also to develop your business activity!

To access the personal assistant in Corymbus, there are 2 possibilities: