CRM WordPress Connector Plugin

Corymbus CRM offers a plugin for WordPress that allows you to insert a Corymbus web form anywhere in your website: a contact page, a popup window, etc.

Thanks to this connector between your CRM and WordPress, when a visitor fills out the form, the data are automatically registered in Corymbus. You receive an email automatically to notify you, in order to contact him as soon as possible. Corymbus can also send him an email to start the conversation or provide him with the requested information (documentation for example). Web forms can also be used to manage newsletter subscription preferences, download documentation, organize event registrations, or measure customer satisfaction.

Extension WordPress

Installing the WordPress CRM plugin

The plugin is available on the official WordPress catalog .

To install it on your WordPress site:

  • go to the administration interface of your WordPress site
  • click the Extensions menu > Add
  • enter “Corymbus” in the search box
  • click on the “Install” button of the “Corymbus Forms” extension card
  • Enable the extension


Once the WordPress CRM plugin is installed, to insert a form into your site, use the plugin’s shortcode:

The parameters indicate which form should be inserted, and the size it should occupy on the screen:

  • page is the URL of the web page, as shown in Corymbus (see illustration below)
  • width indicates the width of the form (50% indicates half the width of the screen)
  • height indicates the height of the form
  • Other settings are possible to customize the presentation

For more details, refer to the extension’s readme.txt file, or contact us!

Propriétés d'une page web Corymbus

But the easiest way is to copy the shortcode from the web page card into Corymbus, paste it into your WordPress content (and adjust parameters such as width and height if necessary):

Shortcode WordPress