Enterprise Edition: CRM for small businesses


Enterprise Edition: CRM for Small Businesses

Specifically designed to be the CRM for Small Businesses, the Enterprise edition of Corymbus integrates all the standard features of Corymbus, and also provides multi-user operation. Each user has his account, and can access the data of his collaborators if he has sufficient rights. The rights allow you to set the visibility of the data if necessary, either read or write. Additional rights allow access to consolidated information, for example to know the sales prospects of the entire company rather than that of the logged-in user. All data is associated with an “owner”. The different screens of Corymbus allow you to filter the display to the data associated with a given owner, or to all the data without distinction of their owner.

Filtre sur le propriétaire des données

Choose which data to display according to its owner: you can either view the data attached to all users or filter only the data of a given user (yourself, by default). This makes it possible to review the business or opportunities of each sales representative in individual interviews.

CRM pout TPE : liste des utilisateurs avec leurs droits dans Corymbus édition Entreprise

Each user has specific access rights:

  • Read only your own data
  • Create/modify your own data
  • Delete your own data
  • Read other users’ data
  • Create/edit other users’ data
  • Delete other users’ data
  • Send email campaigns
  • Export data
  • Access the vending machines
  • Administer the subscription

Most of the time, Small Businesses choose to work on trust and assign each user all rights. In any case, Corymbus keeps track of all data changes. Thus the record of a contact, a company, etc., shows the history of all the changes made. It is therefore found that such a user has modified such a field, such a day at such a time, with such old and new values. This makes it possible to understand the origin of certain changes, and also to correct possible errors in case of false manipulation.

Historique des modifications