Enterprise Edition: CRM for small businessesSMALL BUSINESS

Enterprise Edition: CRM for Small Businesses

Specifically designed to be the CRM for Small Businesses, the Enterprise edition of Corymbus integrates all the standard features of Corymbus for sales management, prospects chasing, customer relationship and marketing.

The Enterprise Edition also offers multi-user functionality: each user has their own account, and can access the data of their collaborators if they have sufficient rights: contacts, companies, opportunities, activities, etc.

Corymbus Enterprise Edition is a CRM software package designed to provide your company and your sales and marketing teams with integrated, full-featured sales and marketing management software. With Corymbus Enterprise Edition, you’ll have the tools you need to manage your data, all from the comfort of your web browser.

For small businesses, it’s essential to choose a CRM software package with the features they need. Among the solutions on the market, Corymbus Enterprise Edition makes customer relationship management quick and easy.

From the prospects who visit your website and sign up, to the additional sales you conclude with your existing customers, Corymbus is designed to take all your needs into account.

To check this out, a free trial version is available, with no credit card required. It offers all the possibilities of Corymbus without any restrictions, it’s just limited in time to 1 month. You can also request a free Zoom demo on this website.


Below we describe the special features of Corymbus Enterprise Edition, which govern multi-user operation, mainly to control access to the database according to the rights each user has.

Access Rights

Access rights can be used to parameterize data visibility, either for reading or writing.

Additional access rights enable consolidated information to be accessed, for example, to find out the sales prospects of the whole company, or of a selected user, rather than those of the logged-in user.

An “administrator” user of a Corymbus corporate account can assign one or more of the following access rights to other users:

  • Read own data only
  • Create/modify own data
  • Delete own data
  • Read other users’ information
  • Create/modify other users’ data
  • Delete other users’ data
  • Send email campaigns
  • Export
  • Access workflows
  • Manage subscription

Most VSEs choose to work on the basis of trust, giving each user full rights. Even in this case, access rights are useful, for example, when you use external service providers and wish to restrict access to certain sensitive information.

Assigning data to users in a CRM for Small Businesses

To facilitate teamwork, information is associated with an “owner”, i.e. one of the users. The various Corymbus screens can be used to filter the display of data, so that only those associated with a given owner are shown, for example, or to display all information, regardless of its owner.

Choose which data to display according to its owner: you can either view the data attached to all users, or filter only that of a given user (yourself, by default).

This allows you to review the deals or opportunities of each sales rep in one-on-one interviews.

History of Changes

In any case, Corymbus CRM software keeps track of data modifications. For example, the record for a contact, a company, etc. shows the history of all changes made. You’ll see that a given user has modified a given field, on a given day at a given time, with old and new values.

This allows you to understand the origin of certain changes, and also to correct any errors in the event of incorrect manipulation.

Corymbus Enterprise Edition is also…

As Corymbus Enterprise Edition includes all standard functions, this CRM is also the ideal tool for creating quotations and invoices directly from sales opportunities. Invoice addresses, for example, are automatically populated with the addresses indicated in the corresponding client companies.

Numerous connectors enable it to interact with other tools, notably your email system (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and your calendar. Your Google contacts can also be synchronized in Corymbus (in both directions). To take things a step further, Zapier and Integromat integrations open the door to numerous possibilities for automating your processes. And last but not least, Corymbus Automata lets you graphically define sequences of actions and tests, to be triggered automatically, periodically or when an event occurs.


Designed for very small businesses, Corymbus CRM Enterprise Edition is a solution that brings together all the software normally required to run a business, at a price per month that defies all competition for this range of functions. In addition to sales and marketing, it will also be very useful if you want to improve your customer service, notably by simplifying contact tracking.