French CRM, in French and hosted in FranceFRENCH CRM

BY Corymbus / ON December 31, 2020

Corymbus is a French CRM software: we develop it in France, and in French. We host it in France.

This has several advantages for its users:

  • The interface uses French natively, as opposed to most Anglo-Saxon CRM tools, whose possible translation into the language of Molière sometimes includes inappropriate, inappropriate or even contradictory terms;
  • We host our servers and your data in France, this is a guarantee of security and protection;
  • The technical support is accessible in French, so you can write to us, and we will also reply, in your native language;
  • Technical support hours are also compatible with French working hours (so there’s no need to wait, unlike support from publishers based in the USA or Asia, for example);
  • GDPR compliance necessarily attracts our full attention. In addition to the requirements incumbent on us as publisher of the platform, we have also added recommendations and guidance in the pages where the data entered by the user could contravene the GDPR, in order to help him comply with the regulation. For example, the principle of minimization requires not to store personal data if it is not used for the user’s activity. We recall this principle at the bottom of the comment areas that allow the user to note information about his contacts;
  • The General Terms have been designed by a French lawyer, expert in French IT laws, which reinforces the coverage for users in France;
  • French is also the native language of the Corymbus website;
  • The same goes for our communications that regularly inform our customers of new features.
  • And the video tutorials are also in French.