Corymbus Case Study: Marjorie Lempereur Dance ClassCASE STUDY

BY Corymbus / ON April 26, 2021

Marjorie’s activity

After a professional experience in business, Marjorie decided to start her own business to focus on what she is really passionate about, and give contemporary dance lessons. The current health situation adds to this launch of activity unprecedented challenges, with the need to animate the courses remotely, in visio, audio or currently outdoors.

Problems to be solved

The communication strategy put in place at the start was primarily focused on social networks. The published messages generated little reaction, and did not allow to collect useful information such as the email address, nor to find new customers.

One of the obstacles to the effectiveness of the strategy was the use of multiple separate tools, including several Excel files to manage registrations for trial courses, registrations for children’s courses, course cancellations, etc. which required a lot of effort to sort through information, and therefore left very little time to communicate with customers and prospects.

In addition, the email campaign tool used was difficult to integrate with the website. It was therefore necessary to circumvent this by imports of manual contacts, which were ultimately not done, for lack of time.

The remedy

Faced with these challenges, Marjorie realized that the success of her communication strategy required the adoption of a single tool to structure information and manage communications in a coherent and targeted way.

Her entourage recommended the Corymbus CRM, and attracted by the very competitive price, she decided to evaluate it. By interacting with Corymbus customer service, she was able to organize her contact base, structure it into different segments, and send different targeted and personalized campaigns.

The result

In just a few weeks, through the development of a free and paid content strategy, animated within Corymbus, Marjorie’s contact base has transformed into an active community: newsletters reach open rates of around 50%, and click-through rates exceeding 10%. They generate contacts and the arrival of new prospects who can then be closely followed until they are converted into customers.

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