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Adapt the sending rate of email campaigns

Email throughput for marketing campaigns
Adapt the sending rate of email campaigns This article describes how to adapt the sending rate of your email campaigns according to the possibilities offered by your email account. Most…

Write an email from your CRM

Compose an email from within Corymbus
Write to your contacts without leaving Corymbus You can now write an email from the Corymbus CRM to one or more of your contacts, without going through your email software:…

Scan your business cards with Corymbus CRM

Pages of the Corymbus CRM business card reader
How to create contacts and companies from your business cards? The Corymbus CRM integrates a business card reader to automatically create contacts and companies, avoiding you having to manually enter…

Archive your emails in the Corymbus CRM

BCC address to archive emails
How to simply have the history of emails exchanged with a contact? The Corymbus CRM provides you with a personal email address that you can indicate when you write an…

Store and find your docs in the Corymbus CRM

Saving and downloading a document in the Corymbus CRM
CRM: How to have all your commercial docs on hand? The Corymbus CRM allows you to store your docs and link them to your contacts, companies, opportunities and activities: quotes,…

Qualify a Prospect

[Vc_row] [Vc_column] [Vc_column_text] Qualifying a Prospect: checklist Do you sell your products or services ? Have you identified a few dozen contacts (or even many more) who might be interested…

Tutorial: Custom Fields

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a custom field. A custom field is an additional piece of data that can be added to the information available by…